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Atlantic Terror Championship Wrestling

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

09/24/1999 ATCW: MARTINSBURG, WV (788)
1.  Chad Austin vs. Tommy Idol
2.  NBC vs. 2 Dope/Sydeswype
3.  Cool Joe Brock vs. Nicky Fury
4.  Don Rott vs. Julio Sanchez
5.  Chef D.Z. Gillespie vs. Morgus the Maniac
6.  Hellbilly Otis vs. Patch
7.  Jimmy Cicero/Dino Divine vs. Bushwhackers

10/15/1999 ATCW: MARTINSBURG, WV (789) 1. Cool Joe Brock vs. Earl the Pearl 2. Chad Austin vs. Steve Johnson 3. Jimmy Cicero vs. Nicky Fury vs. Rich Myers 4. Dino Divine vs. Morgus the Maniac 5. Don Rott vs. Tommy Idol 6. Dan Severn vs. Patch