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Big Daddy Show

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on
dates reflect both the Sunday and Thursday airings

**08/10/2000 BIG DADDY SHOW (825)
1.  Rikishi/EG Eckmo vs. Haas Brothers
2.  Mercenaries vs. Rikishi/OG Ekmo
3.  Primo Canera III/Tony Devito vs. John Diamond/Chris Candido

**08/31/2000 BIG DADDY SHOW (825)
**10/08/2000 BIG DADDY SHOW (825) 1. John Diamond/Sal Sincere vs. Yokozuna/Jake Roberts 2. Yokozuna/Jake Roberts vs. Jim Neidhart/Julio Sanchez 3. Ralph Mosca vs. Sledge
**11/19/2000 DIG DADDY SHOW (825) 1. NEW match 2. MWA match 3. Tony Devito vs. Ralph Mosca
**12/25/2000 BIG DADDY SHOW (825) 1. John Diamond vs. Johnny Heartbreaker 2. Jason Knight vs. Kevin Landry 3. Power Company vs. Cold Front
**03/04/2001 BIG DADDY SHOW (825) 1. Tony Devito vs. John Diamond