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Charles Rapp Entertainment

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

**04/29/2000 MIKE STEELE VS. KEVIN KELLY (1854)
**04/29/2000 BATTLE ROYAL (1854)

07/06/2001 CHARLES RAPP ENTERTAINMENT SHOW: WHITE PLAINS, NY (1661) 1. Rick Phoenix vs. Prince Nana 2. Primo Canera III vs. Thunderbolt 3. Backseat Boyz vs. Adam Flash/Nicky Benz 4. Blueboy vs. Bilvis Wesley 5. Stacy Carter vs. Jasmine St. Clair 6. Low-ki vs. Crowbar 7. Brian Christopher vs. Spellbinder 8. Jerry Lawler vs. Road Dogg