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Combat Zone Wrestling 2000

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

01/08/2000 CZW "BLOOD BATH 2000" (1045)
1.  Kashmerino Brothers vs. Jon Dahmer/Trent Acid
2.  Reckless Youth vs. Mercury
3.  Haas Bros. vs. Wifebeater/Big Mack Smack
4.  Rick Blade vs. Low-ki
5.  6 Man Tag
6.  Zandig vs. Mad Man Pondo

02/05/2000 CZW "THE NIGHT OF MAIN EVENTS": SEWELL, NJ (660) 1. Jon Dahmer vs. Lord Everett DeVore 2. Trent Acid vs. Nick Berk 3. Kashmerino Brothers vs. Thrill Kill Kult 4. Rick Blade vs. Mercury 5. Shane Brothers vs. Zandar/Sexsisto 6. Zandig vs. Wifebeater vs. TCK 7. Justice Pain vs. Nick Gage 8. Kronus vs. Lobo vs. Mad Man Pondo
06/25/2000 CZW "THEY SAID IT COULDN'T BE DONE" (872) 1. Zandig vs. Lobo 2. battle royal 3. Nick Berk vs. Rockin' Rebel 4. Trent Acid vs. Rick Blade 5. Justice Pain vs. Nick Mondo 6. Nick Gage vs. Wifebeater