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East Coast Wrestling Federation

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

1.  Willow the Whisp vs. John Savage
2.  Nailz vs. High Voltage
3.  Willow the Whisp vs. Colossus
4.  Sub Zero vs. TC Flexer
5.  Kyoki Shinobi vs. Enigma
6.  Wolverine vs. Grave Robber
7.  Sub Zero vs. High Voltage
8.  coffin match
9.  Wolverine vs. High Voltage
10. Black Skull vs. Sub Zero
11. Samoan Headhunter vs. Mr. Inferno
12. Enigma vs. High Voltage
13. Willow the Whisp/El Hijo del Fuego vs. Gale Force/Grave Robber
14. John Savage vs. ???
15. High Voltage vs. Devastator
16. TC Flexer/Colossus vs. Sub Zero/High Voltage
17. High Voltage/Venom vs. Black Skull/Caprice Coleman
18. Black Skull vs. Wolverine
19. battle royal