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Eastern Wrestling Federation

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

01/14/2000 EWF: NORTHAMPTON, PA (632)
1.  Hoo Flung Poo vs. Even Bedder
2.  Rapid Fire Maldonado vs. Jimmy Deo
3.  Darren Wyse vs. Tiny
4.  Tommy Golden vs. Pinky
5.  Mongoose/George Anthony vs. Bad Crew
6.  Adam Flash vs. Danny Rose
7.  Love Bug vs. Cotton

01/28/2000 EWF: BETHLEHEM, PA (632) 1. Hoo Flung Poo vs. Gregory Martin 2. Dino Devine vs. Hungarian Barbarian 3. Darren Wyse vs. Pinky 4. Even Bedder vs. George Anthony 5. Cotton vs. Tiny 6. Love Bug vs. Mongoose 7. Backseat Boyz vs. Bad Crew 8. Adam Flash vs. Danny Rose