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Green Mountain Wrestling Handhelds 2001

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the special can be found on

1.  Grappler III vs. Tim Fury
2.  Devennaire Cruz vs. Johnny Idol
3.  Aaron Morrison vs. Johnny Royal
4.  Insane Hussein vs. Tarzan Taylor
5.  Alex Arion vs. Mike Steele
6.  Johnny Idol vs. Aaron Morrison
7.  Tarzan Taylor vs. Alex Arion
8.  Bob Evans vs. Tim Fury
9.  Devennaire Cruz vs. Mike Steele
10. Bob Evans vs. Maverick Wild
11. Johnny Idol vs. Alex Arion

**09/29/2001 GREEN MOUNTAIN WRESTLING HANDHELD: NEWPORT, VT (1610) Buy It 1. Grappler III vs. Dean Eastman 2. Justin Powers vs. Brian Jury 3. Aaron Morrison vs. Jeff Goodspeed 4. Bob Evans vs. Tim Fury 5. 12-man battle royal 6. Egomaniacs vs. Fred Curry Jr./Debonair Cruz 7. Aaron Morrison/Johnny Royal vs. Jeff Goodspeed/Sonny Goodspeed 8. Tarzan Taylor vs. Maverick Wild