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Juggalo Championshit Wrestling

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

**2000 JCW HOME VIDEO: VOLUME 1 (770)
1.  Iron Shiek vs. Izzy High
2.  Red Neck Devil Without a Cause vs. Evil Dead
3.  Tom Dub vs. King Kong Bundy
4.  Rudeboy vs. Abdullah the Butcher
5.  Chick Foley vs. Angel
6.  battle royal
7.  Doink/Doink vs. ICP

**2000 JCW HOME VIDEO: VOLUME 2 (1271) 1. Tom Dub vs. Hornswagglin Hillbilly 2. Chris Hero vs. Hizaya 3. Dick Nipple vs. Billybill 4. Madman Pondo vs. Fatfuck Barrel Boy 5. Rudeboy vs. Abdullah the Butcher 6. ICP/Esham the Unholy vs. Big Flame/Neil/Bob