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La Lutte WCW

** means the tape is my own master copy
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11/1991-12/1991 WCW POWER HOUR/LA LUTTE WCW (672)
         La Lutte WCW
1.  Enforcers vs. Young Pistols
2.  Dustin Rhodes vs. Tony Mella
3.  Thomas Rich vs. Flyin' Brian
         La Lutte WCW
1.  Steve Armstrong vs. Stunning Steve Austin
2.  Patriots vs. Rip Rogers/Paul Lee
3.  Arn Anderson/Larry Zbyszko vs. Steiner Brothers
         La Lutte WCW
1.  Bill Kazmaier vs. Mike Thor
2.  Dustin Rhodes vs. Mr. Hughes
3.  Judy Martin vs. Madusa
4.  Flyin' Brian vs. Stunning Steve Austin
         La Lutte WCW
1.  York Foundation vs. Big Josh/Bobby Eaton
2.  Bill Ford vs. Z-Man
3.  Bill Kazmaier vs. Cactus Jack
4.  Lex Luger vs. Rick Steiner