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Main Event Championship Wrestling Television 1999

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

12/12/1999 MECW TELEVISION (1170)
1.  PG-13 vs. Matt Stryker/James Storm
2.  Doug Gilbert vs. Shane Morton
3.  Tommy Rogers vs. Chris Michaels
4.  One Man Gang vs. Avalanche

12/19/1999 MECW TELEVISION (1170) 1. Chris Michaels vs. Shane Morton 2. Tommy Rogers vs. Bitty Little 3. Tennessee Volz vs. Shane Eden/Hotrod Biggs 4. Frost vs. Lonnie Lane 5. Rex King vs. Brickhouse Brown 6. One Man Gang vs. Hammer
12/26/1999 MECW TELEVISION (1170) 1. Mako vs. Bitty Little 2. Bushwhackers vs. Ashley Hudson/Kory Williams 3. Tennessee Volz vs. Samoan Swat Team 4. PG-13/Doug Gilbert vs. Tennessee Volz/One Man Gang