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Music City Wrestling

** means the tape is my own master copy
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10/25/1997 MCW TELEVISION (265)
1.  Mike Samples vs. Flash Flanagan
2.  Moondogs vs. Hickersons
3.  Colorado Kid vs. Bull Pain
4.  Wolfie D. vs. Bill Dundee
5.  Samantha vs. Miss Texas
6.  Colorado Kid vs. Justin St. John

11/01/1997 MCW TELEVISION (265) 1. Lightning Express vs. Terry Golden/Brickhouse Brown 2. Colorado Kid vs. Shawn Taylor 3. Hickersons vs. Billy Hodge/Arkansas Razorback 4. Bill Dundee vs. Dirty Little Dave 5. Terry Golden vs. Modern Day Cowboy
11/15/1997 MCW TELEVISION (265) 1. Flash Flanagan/Billy Joe Travis vs. Bobby Bronze/Black Eagle 2. Nick Dinsmore vs. Jason Lee 3. Doug Gilbert/Wolfie D. vs. Centerfolds 4. Shane Eden vs. Terry Golden 5. Thrillbilly vs. Derek King
11/22/1997 MCW TELEVISION (265) 1. Steven Dunn vs. Killer Kyle 2. Flash Flanagan vs. Andy Anderson 3. Doug Gilbert vs. Blade Boudreaux
11/29/1997 MCW TELEVISION (265) 1. Rex King vs. Bobby Brawnz 2. Nick Dinsmore vs. Inazuma 3. Terry Golden vs. JC Ice 4. Flash Flanagan/Billy Joe Travis vs. Andy Anderson/Thrillbilly 5. Colorado Kid vs. Killer Kyle
12/06/1997 MCW TELEVISION (265/275) 1. Wolfie D. vs. Tom Street 2. Colorado Kid vs. Jason Lee 3. Steven Dunn vs. Trailor Park Trash 4. Bad Black & Beautiful vs. Bobby Brawnz/Thrillbilly 5. Terry Golden vs. JC Ice