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National Championship Wrestling

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

02/05/2000 NCW: RED LION, PA (1017)
1.  Pinky Pinkerton vs. Kwan Chow Lee
2.  Wolfman vs. Jimmy Deo/Tiny
3.  Howie Cheetums vs. Kid Kattrell
4.  Bad Crew vs. LA Smooth/George Anthony
5.  Amish Assassin vs. Hungarian Barbarian
6.  James Keiser vs. Lovebug
7.  Porter vs. Vince Bono vs. Darren Wyse
8.  King Kaluha vs. Mongoose
9.  Adam Flash vs. Danny Rose vs. Romeo Valentino
10. Cage-O-Terror

05/13/2000 NCW: RED LION, PA (1017) 1. Danny Rose vs. Mongoose 2. Tiny/Judge Lawless vs. Wolfman/Morgus the Maniac 3. Amish Assassin vs. Shane Shannon 4. Howie Cheetums vs. Kid Kattrell 5. James Keiser vs. Jonathon Luvstruck 6. George Anthony/Adam Flash vs. Bad Crew 7. Tito Santana vs. Romeo Valentino 8. Pinky Pinkerton vs. Kid Extreme 9. Vince Bono/Cotton/Kattra vs. Darren Wyse/Hungarian Barbarian/Missy Hyatt
12/02/2000 NCW: RED LION, PA (1212) 1. Amish Assassin vs. Marshal Law vs. Kid Kattrell vs. Shane Shannon 2. Buddy vs. Hungarian Barbarian 3. Backseat Boyz vs. Adam Flash/George Anthony 4. George Anthony vs. Adam Flash 5. Bikini Contest 6. James Keiser vs. Jonathon Luvstruk 7. Danny Rose/Romeo Valentino vs. Ray Oddessy/Mukie 8. Darren Wyse vs. Ran Zander 9. Dino Divine vs. Sweet Daddy Falcone 10. Cotton vs. Hungarian Barbarian 11. Bad Crew vs. Van Hammer/Doink