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Northern Championship Wrestling (Quebec)

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on
12/02/2000 NCW: MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA (1557)
1.  Brick Crowford vs. Sunny War Cloud
2.  MTH vs. Nova Cain
3.  Mark Male vs. Mad Dog Reaper vs. Rush
4.  Dream Killer/Iceman vs. Eddy/Nighstalker
5.  Marc le Grizzly/Kid Rock vs. Denniss Sensation/Franky the Mobster
6.  Vipères vs. Double Trouble
7.  Steven le Sweetboy/Bishop vs. Deadly Venuum
8.  Nightmare vs. Eric Shelley
9.  Chakal vs. Piranah

01/20/2001 NCW: MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA (1558) 1. MTH vs. Guy Williams 2. Bishop/Black Eagle vs. Double Trouble vs. Vipères vs. Shockwave 3. Farmer Joe/Mark Male vs. Jayzon Reaper/Eddy Dream Killer/Nightmare vs. Eric Shelley/Denniss Sensation 4. Eric Shelley vs. Iceman 5. Marc le Grizzly/Kid Rock vs. Accès Interdit 6. Steven le Sweetboy vs. Nova Cain 7. Franky the Mobster vs. Cobra
03/10/2001 NCW: MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA (1559) 1. Black Eagle vs. Nova Cain 2. Mark Male vs. Flatface Jeremy vs. Michael Black 3. Steven le Sweetboy vs. Dennis Sensation 4. Vipères vs. Cobra 5. Kid Rock vs. Blaze 6. MTH/Bishop vs. Jayzon Reaper/Rush Nightmare/Dream Killer/Iceman vs. Accès Interdit 7. Guy Williams vs. Franky The Mobster
06/02/2001 NCW: MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA (CHALLENGEMANIA) (1560) 1. Steven le Sweetboy vs. Cobra 2. Battle Royal 3. Denniss Sensation vs. Eddy 4. Marc le Grizzly/Kid Rock vs. MTH/Bishop vs. Shockwave vs. Vipères 5. Nova Cain vs. Jayzon Reaper 6. Chakal vs. Nightmare 7. Dream Team vs. Wild Thing 8. Franky the Mobster vs. Piranah vs. Guy Williams