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Northeast Wrestling

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

02/25/2000 NORTHEAST WRESTLING (925)
1.  Don Montoya vs. Mike Quackenbush
2.  Keenan Creed vs. Xavier
3.  Joey Matthews vs. Christian York
4.  Sledge vs. Roughhouse Ralph Mosca
5.  Julio S. Fantastico vs. Jerry Lawler
6.  Mercenaries vs. O.G. Eckmo/Rikishi

**04/28/2001 MAIN EVENT WRESTLING: TORRINGTON, CT (2242) 1. Fred Curry Jr. vs. Adam Booker 2. Don Montoya vs. Earl the Pearl 3. Corporal Punishment vs. 2-Dope 4. Mike Quackenbush vs. Qenaan Creed 5. Stacy Carter vs. Candie 6. Billy Redwood vs. Corporal Punishment 7. Jerry Lawler vs. Bruiser
**04/26/2002 NORTHEAST WRESTLING: FAIRFIELD, CT (2138) 1. Jeff Starr vs. Purty Kurty 2. Kevin Landry vs. Antonio Thomas 3. Mike Quackenbush vs. Chris Hamrick 4. Joey Matthews/Christian York vs. Holy Rollers 5. Johnny Heartbreaker vs. Kevin Landry 6. Brian Christopher vs. Julio Dinero 7. Jerry Lawler vs. Tiger Khan