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Next Generation Wrestling

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

1.  Jack Evans vs. Jake Evans
2.  Apocalypse/Orion vs. Keishi Matsunaga/Vince Hall
3.  Harry Smith vs. Marky Starr
4.  TJ Wilson vs. Ted Hart

**MATRATS.COM SHOW (1870) 1. Nick Nogg vs. Keishi Matsunaga vs. Vince Hall 2. Harry Smith vs. Marky Starr vs. Jack Evans 3. Jake Evans/Pete Wilson vs. TJ Wilson/Ted Hart
**MATRATS.COM SHOW (1870) 1. Dave Swift/Scotty Mac vs. Apocalypse/Orion 2. Marky Starr vs. Jake Evans vs. Vince Hall 3. Jack Evans/TJ Wilson/Pete Wilson vs. Ted Hart/Nick Nogg/Sean White 4. Harry Smith vs. Rene Dupre