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NWA Championship Wrestling

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

1.  Ricky Morton vs. Mike Golden
2.  Brian Logan vs. Chris Candido
3.  Peggy Lee Leathers vs. Bambi
4.  Nightmare/??? vs. Curtis Thompson/Scott Studd
5.  Marc Von Eric/Dory Funk Jr./Rick Garren vs. Greg Valentine/Siva/Aries

09/10/1994 NWA CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING (1892) 1. Siva/Aries vs. High Voltage 2. Lightning vs. Lee Thomas 3. Cole Twins vs. Kenny Arden/??? 4. Scotty Fernandez/Rawhead Rex vs. Rick Garren/Mark Von Eric 5. Rock & Roll Express vs. Curtis Thompson/Scott Studd