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NWA New England TV

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the special can be found on

08/07/1999 NWA NEW ENGLAND TV (941)
1.  Kidd USA vs. ???
2.  Aaron Stevens vs. Muscles Martino
3.  Alex Arion/Jeff Mangels vs. Arc Angels
4.  Mercenary vs. Curtis Slamdawg

08/14/1999 NWA NEW ENGLAND TV (941) 1. Mike Josh/Trooper Gilmore vs. Brotherhood 2. Joshua Miller/Vin DeCarlo vs. Shooter McGrath/Stretcher McGee 3. Arc Angels vs. Alex Arion/Jeff Mangels vs. Jason Rage/Slyk Wagner Brown
08/21/1999 NWA NEW ENGLAND TV (941) 1. Bob Evans vs. Alex Arion 2. Victor Morales vs. Matthews 3. Beau Douglas vs. Cobain 4. Arc Angels vs. Shooter McGrath/Stretcher McGee
08/28/1999 NWA NEW ENGLAND TV (941) 1. Arc Angels vs. Brotherhood 2. Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Beau Douglas 3. Wacko vs. EJ