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Ohio Valley Wrestling Handhelds

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

11/10/1999 OVW: LOUISVILLE, KY (855)
1.  Chris Alexander vs. Randy Royal
2.  Lowrider/BJ Payne vs. Andrettis
3.  Sean Casey vs. Scotty Sabre
4.  Jebediah vs. Nick Dinsmore
5.  Suicide Blondes vs. Hardy Boys
6.  Mr. Black vs. Trailer Park Trash
7.  Flash vs. Tracy Smothers
8.  Bull Buchannan vs. Damaja
9.  Rico Constantino vs. Rob Conway

02/16/2000 OVW: LOUISVILLE, KY (855) 1. Jebediah vs. Chris Alexander 2. BJ Payne/Scotty Sabre vs. Suicide Blondes 3. Sean Casey vs. Chris Michaels 4. Mr. Black vs. Russ McCullough 5. Ali vs. Bull Buchannan 6. Slick Robbie D. vs. Trailer Park Trash 7. Flash Flannagan vs. Rico Constantino 8. Rob Conway vs. Nick Dinsmore vs. Damaja