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Pacific Wrestling Federation Handhelds

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

01/28/2000 PWF TEMPLE TIRADE II: TACOMA, WA (1022)
1.  Layne Fontaine vs. Ken Riley
2.  Punk Rock Prod vs. Fender Gibson
3.  Briscoe vs. Line Drive
4.  Avalanche vs. Shooter the Clown
5.  Mask vs. Kid Flash
6.  Heckles da Clown vs. Chef
7.  battle royal
8.  Chris del Sol vs. Mr. GQ
9.  Randy Taylor vs. Ivan Drakko
10. Buddy Wayne/Ritchie Magnett vs. Chico Alvarez/Lou Andrews
11. Tim Flowers vs. Awesome Adam

02/25/2000 PWF TEMPLE TIRADE III: TACOMA, WA (1023) 1. Heckles da Clown vs. Punk Rock Prodigy 2. battle royale 3. Avalanche vs. Tank 4. Nikkie Sixx vs. Layne Fontaine 5. Urban Outlaw vs. Johnny Kastle 6. Chef vs. Ken Riley 7. Mr. GQ vs. Chris del Sol 8. Buddy Wayne/Ritchie Magnett vs. Brian Alvarez/Lou Andrews 9. Randy Taylor vs. Larry Briscoe 10. Tim Flowers vs. Awesome Adam
03/24/2000 PWF TEMPLE TURMOIL: TACOMA, WA (1023) 1. battle royale 2. Tank vs. Sonny O'Meara 3. Ken Riley vs. Johnny Kastle 4. Buddy Wayne vs. Heckles da Clown 5. Hollywood Stud vs. Urban Outlaw 6. Ritchie Magnett vs. Shooter da Clown 7. Chef/Avalanche vs. Bryan Alvarez/Nikkie Sixx 8. Randy Taylor vs. Larry Briscoe 9. Chris del Sol vs. Mr. GQ 10. Tim Flowers/Combat Girl vs. Awesome Adam/Fender Gibson
04/28/2000 PWF TEMPLE TURMOIL 2: TACOMA, WA (1023) 1. Bryan Alvarez vs. Nikkie Sixx 2. Tank vs. Punk Rock Prod vs. Hecklez da Clown 3. Tra Dogg vs. Shooter da Clown 4. Blaze Daily vs. Sonny O'Mara 5. Ken Riley vs. Johnny Kastle 6. Fender Gibson vs. Combat Girl 7. Urban Outlaw vs. Hollywood Stud 8. Mr. GQ vs. Chris del Sol 9. Chef/Avalanche vs. Buddy Wayne/Ritchie Magnett 10. Awesome Adam/Larry Briscoe vs. Randy Taylor/Tim Flowers
08/19/2000 PWF FIFE FESTIVAL SHOWS: FIFE, WA (1022) 1. battle royal 2. Chico Alvarez vs. Kid Flash vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? 3. ??? vs. Fender Gibson 4. Chris del Sol/???/??? vs. Shooter/Scotty O'Meara/??? 5. Tim Flowers/Urban Outlaw/Mr. GQ/??? vs. Chef/Avalanche/???/Mr. Sexy 6. battle royal 7. 6-man tag team match 8. tag team match 9. Urban Outlaw vs. Buddy Wayne 10. Mr. Sexy vs. Tim Flowers