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Smoky Mountain Wrestling Commercial Tapes

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the match can be found on

1.  Killer Kyle vs. Doug Furnas
2.  Dick Slater & Bob Orton vs. Ron Garvin & Mongolian Stopmer
3.  Gangstas Interview
4.  Rock and Roll Express v. Chris Candido & Brian Lee
5.  Dirty White Boy vs. Terry Gordy
6.  Heavenly Bodies v. Thrillseekers
7.  Bob Armstrong/Smothers/RW Hawk v. Dory Funk/Terry Funk/Bruiser Bedlam

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN 1993 (156) 1. Jimmy Del Ray vs. Steve Armstrong 2. DWB vs. Mongolian Stomper 3. Tim Horner vs. Chris Candido 4. Brian Lee vs. Tracey Smothers 5. Heavenly Bodies/Bruise Brothers/Jim Cornette vs. Rock & Roll Express/Steve/Scott/Bob Armstrong 6. Bob Armstrong vs. Jim Cornette
05/19/1995 SMW VOLUNTEER SLAM (183) 1. Bobby Blaze vs. D Lo Brown 2. Robert Gibson vs. Unabomb 3. Steve Armstrong vs. Buddy Landell 4. Boo Bradley vs. Killer Kyle 5. PG-13 vs. Thugs 6. Terry Funk & Bob Armstrong vs. Gangstas 7. Ricky Morton vs. Al Snow