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Calgary Stampede Wrestling 2000

episodes #14, #17-#40
(NC) means the match is not complete
** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

01/01/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (627)
1.  William Butler Yeats vs. Irish Red O'Riordan
2.  Rick Titan vs. Vic Viper
3.  06/1982 Gene Kiniski vs. Ho Chi Lau
4.  Hot Shot Johnny Devine vs. Tiger Ali Khan vs. Ralph Ruffy Silverstein
5.  Marvin Pope vs. Gothic Knight

01/22/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (866) 1. Tiger Khan vs. Wavell Starr (NC) 2. Cyborg vs. Marvin Pope 3. Danny Davis vs. Bruce Hart (NC) 4. Rumble Royale
01/29/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (866) 1. Marvin Pope vs. Jason Neidhart 2. Tiger Khan/Dick Raines vs. Wavell Star/Red Thunder 3. Keith Hart/Bret Hart vs. Mike Sharp/Duke Meyers (NC) 4. Johnny Devine/Greg Pawluk vs. Richard Pound/William Butler Yeats
02/05/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (866) 1. Owen Hart/Ben Bassarab vs. Asian Invassion/Vietcong Express (NC) 2. Bret Hart/Keith Hart vs. Duke Myers/Kerry Brown (NC) 3. British Bulldogs vs. Cuban Commandos 4. Bruce Hart/Brian Pillman vs. Jacque Dephassi/Jill Dephassi (NC) 5. Greg Pawluk/Johnny Devine vs. Tiger Khan/Dick Raines
02/12/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (866) 1. Bret Holliday vs. Black Ninja (NC) 2. Red Thunder vs. Ralph Silverstein (NC) 3. Ty Cobb vs. William Yeats (NC) 4. Davey Boy Smith vs. Great Gama (NC) 5. Richard Pound d. Wavell Star (NC)
02/19/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (867) 1. Bret Holliday vs. Black Ninja 2. Red Thunder vs. Ralph Silverstein (NC) 3. Ty Cobb vs. William Yeats (NC) 4. Davey Boy Smith vs. Great Gama (NC) 5. Richard Pound d. Wavell Star (NC)
02/26/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (867) 1. Vic Viper vs. Wavell Starr (NC) 2. Bret Hart/Davey Boy Smith/Sonny Two Rivers vs. Archie Gouldie/Jeff Gouldie/Bad News Allen (NC) 3. Bad News Allen vs. Archie Goldie (NC) 4. Tiger Khan vs. Red Thunder
03/04/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (867) 1. Black Ninja vs. Ralph Silverstein (NC) 2. Ty Cobb vs. Eric Freeze (NC) 3. Bruce Hart/Brian Pillman vs. Jacques DeFosses/Jill DeFosses (NC) 4. Principal Pound/Master Yeats vs. Johnny Devine/Greg Pawluk (NC)
03/11/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (867) 1. Satanicus/Black Ninja vs. Bret Holliday/Irish Red O'Riordan (NC) 2. Greg Pawluk vs. William Butler Yeats (NC) 3. Cobra vs. Danny Davis (NC) 4. Johnny Devine vs. Principal Pound
03/18/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (867) 1. Hercules Ayala vs. Vic Viper 2. Harry Smith vs. Dwight Davis (NC) 3. Wavell Star/Red Thunder vs. Dick Raines/Tiger Khan 4. Hercules Ayala vs. Bad News Allen (NC) 5. Ralph Silverstein vs. Kurrgan
03/25/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (867) 1. Harry Smith vs. Thomas E. Wolf 2. Vic Viper vs. Jake Radcliff 3. Greg Pawluk vs. Oral Payne (NC) 4. Hubert Gallant vs. Dynamite Kid (NC) 5. Kurrgan vs. Richard Pound/William Yeats
04/01/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (868) 1. Ruffy Silverstein vs. Cuban Assassin (NC) 2. Hercules Ayala vs. Soddam Insane 3. Black Ninja vs. Johnny Devine 4. Leo Burke vs. Nick Bockwinkle 5. Red Thunder/Wavell Starr vs. Tiger Khan/Dick Raines
04/08/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (868) 1. Tiger Mahatma Khan/Dick Raines vs. Black Ninja/Rowdy Radcliff (NC) 2. Rick Titan vs. William Yeats 3. Great Gama vs. Davey Boy Smith (NC) 4. Wavell Star/Red Thunder vs. Johnny Devine/Greg Pawluk (NC)
04/15/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (868) 1. Cuban Assassin vs. Satanicous 2. Gary Gallant vs. Vic Viper (NC) 3. Hercules Ayala vs. Eric Freeze (NC) 4. Mr. Hito vs. David Schults (NC) 5. Harry Smith vs. Tucker Wilson
04/29/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (868) 1. Dick Raines vs. Rowdy Radcliffe 2. Duke Amour vs. Vic Viper (NC) 3. Red Thunder vs. Wavell Star (NC)
05/06/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (868) 1. Principal Pound/William Yeats/Ralph Silverstien vs. Rick Titan/Black Ninja/Cuban Assassin (NC) 2. Greg Pawluk vs. Tiger Khan 3. Sabu vs. Johnny Devine
05/13/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (868) 1. Johnny Devine vs. Eric Freeze 2. William Butler Yeats vs. Eddie Mustang 3. 06/1980 Bruce Hart vs. Dynamite Kid (NC) 4. Dick Raines vs. Richard Pound
05/20/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (869) 1. Vic Viper vs. Scott D'Amour (NC) 2. Rick Titan vs. Bad Boy Gallant 3. 1980 Bruce Hart vs. Dick Steinborn (NC) 4. Greg Pawluk vs. Tiger Khan
05/27/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (869) 1. Teddy Hart/Harry Smith vs. TJ Wilson/D. Dwight Davis 2. Bruce Hart vs. Dynamite Kid (NC) 3. Tiger Khan vs. Richard Pound
06/03/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (869) 1. Greg Pawluk/Johnny Devine vs. Vic Viper/Eric Freeze (NC) 2. Mike Sharp/JR Foley vs. ???/??? (NC) 3. Greg Pawluk vs. Dick Reines 4. Wavell Star vs. Red Thunder
06/10/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (869) 1. Richard Pound/Master Yeats vs. Kurrgan 2. Greg Pawluk vs. Tiger Khan 3. Dick Reines v. Principal Pound (NC) 4. Tiger Mahatma Khan vs. Principal Pound (NC)
06/17/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (869) 1. Harry Smith vs. TJ Wilson 2. Mr. Destiny vs. Irish Red O'Riordan 3. Dirty Dick Reines/Frank Einstein vs. Johnny Devine/Greg Pawluk
06/24/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (869) 1. Eddy Mustang vs. Wavell Starr 2. Principal Pound vs. William Yeats vs. Ralph Silverstein 3. Tiger Mahatma Khan vs. Sabu
07/01/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (970) 1. Ralph Silverstein vs. William Yeats 2. Mr. Destiny vs. Apocalypse 3. Irish Red O'Riordan vs. Jet Starr 4. Great Gama vs. Davey Boy Smith (NC) 5. Rob Roy Scott vs. Harry Smith
07/08/2000 STAMPEDE WRESTLING (970) 1. Dick Raines/Frank Einstein vs. Brett Hanson/Ted Hart 2. Tiger Mahatma Khan vs. Greg Pawluk vs. Johnny Devine