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Calgary Stampede Wrestling 1984

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

1984 STAMPEDE (394)
1.  Athol Foley vs. Keith Hart
2.  Hiro Saito/Mike Hammer vs. Don Koloff/Shungi Takano
3.  Jim Neidhart/Mr. Hito interview
4.  Hammer/Saito/Cobra interview
5.  Bret Hart/Hercules Ayala/Davey Boy Smith vs. Fransisco Lorenzo/Cuban Assassin/Cal Manson
6.  Stu Hart/Archie Goldie/J.R. Foley/Bret Hart interview
7.  Archie Goldie vs. Mr. Hito
8.  Cobra vs. Bruce Hart
9.  Bruce Hart/Cedric Hathoway interview
10. Ben Bassarab vs. Hiro Saito
11. Duke Myers interview
12. Jude Rosenbloom vs. Randy Webber
13. Masked Superstar interview
14. Rhonda Singh vs. Tarantula
15. Jude Rosenbloom interview
16. Keith Hart/Phil Lafleur/Bruce Hart vs. Mad Max/Gama Singh/Ron Starr
17. Mad Max/Gama Singh/Ron Starr interview
18. Bruce Hart interview
19. Suni Two Rivers vs. Duke Myers
20. Suni Two Rivers/Masked Superstar interview
21. Ben Bassarab interview
22. Duke Myers vs. Elton Stanton
23. Cedric Hathaway/Ben Bassarab/Phil LaFleur interview
24. Mad Max/Jude Rosenbloom vs. Phil LaFleur/Ben Bassarab
25. Bret Hart interview
26. Abdullah the Butcher vs. Jerry Morrow
27. Bret Hart interview
28. Ron Starr vs. Bruce Hart
29. Bruce Hart/Jerry Morrow interview
30. Ron Starr/Gama Singh interview
31. Masked Superstar interview
32. Stu Hart interview
33. Hiro Saito vs. Keith Hart
34. Mad Max vs. Elton Stanton
35. Duke Myers vs. Shungi Takano
36. Keith Hart interview
37. Suni Two Rivers vs. Butch Moffat
38. Ron Starr/Gama Singh vs. Bruce Hart/Jerry Morrow
39. Ron Starr/Gama Singh interview
40. Bruce Hart/Jerry Morrow interview
41. 16 man Battle Royale
42. Duke Myers/Gama Singh/Ron Starr interview
43. Bruce Hart/Keith Hart/Jerry Morrow/Phil LaFleur interview
44. Phil LaFleur vs. Gama Singh
45. Gama Singh interview
46. Cedric Hathaway interview
47. Bret Hart vs. Mad Max
48. Bret Hart interview
49. Ron Starr vs. Bruce Hart
50. Bret Hart/Davey Boy Smith interview
51. Ron Starr interview
52. Duke Myers vs. Davey Boy Smith
53. Davey Boy Smith interview
54. Duke Myers interview
55. Shungi Takano vs. Butch Moffat
56. Ben Bassarab vs. Randy Webber
57. Ben Bassarab interview