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Calgary Stampede Wrestling 1985

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

1.  Dynamite Kid interview
2.  Keith Hart interview
3.  Davey Boy Smith/Ben Bassarab/Cobra vs. Ron Starr/Hiro Saito/Danny Davis
4.  Davey Boy Smith interview
5.  Bruce Hart/Cedric Hathaway interview
6.  Bret Hart vs. Duke Myers
7.  Duke Myers interview
8.  Bret Hart interview
9.  Bad News Allen vs. Mighty John Quinn
10. Bad News Allen interview
11. Davey Boy Smith vs. Hiro Saito
12. Ron Starr interview
13. Bruce Hart vs. Danny Davis
14. Bruce Hart interview
15. Danny Davis interview
16. Cobra vs. K.Y. Wakamatsu
17. Keith Hart interview
18. Bret Hart interview
19. Dynamite Kid vs. Butch Moffat
20. Dynamite Kid interview
21. Bad News Allen vs. Rusha Komora
22. Mercenary/Cuban Assassin interview
23. Bret Hart vs. Duke Myers
24. Davey Boy Smith interview
25. Duke Myers interview
26. Danny Davis/Hiro Saito vs. Bruce Hart/Ben Bassarab
27. Dynamite Kid vs. Tim Flowers
28. Dynamite Kid interview
29. Danny Davis interview
30. Ron Starr vs. Cobra
31. Ron Starr interview
32. Bad News Allen vs. Jerry Morrow
33. Bad News Allen/Duke Myers/Cedric Hathaway interview
34. Duke Myers vs. Davey Boy Smith
35. Butch Moffat vs. Bruce Hart
36. Danny Davis vs. Ben Bassarab
37. Danny Davis interview
38. Dynamite Kid vs. Hiro Saito
39. Bruce Hart interview
40. Bad News Allen vs. Cobra
41. Davey Boy Smith vs. Duke Myers
42. Bad News Allen/Duke Myers interview
43. Bruce Hart vs. Goldie Rogers
44. Danny Davis vs. Randy Webber
45. Danny Davis interview
46. Bret Hart vs. Butch Moffat
47. Cobra vs. Ron Starr
48. Ron Starr interview
49. Davey Boy Smith/Dynamite Kid vs. Duke Myers/Bad News Allen
50. Ron Starr interview
51. Duke Myers/Bad News Allen interview
52. Goldie Rogers/Hiro Saito vs. Shungi Takano/Ben Bassarab
53. Ron Starr vs. Keith Hart
54. Keith Hart interview
55. Ron Starr interview
56. Danny Davis vs. Bruce Hart
57. Bruce Hart interview
58. Danny Davis interview
59. Davey Boy Smith vs. Duke Myers
60. Duke Myers interview
61. Stu Hart interview
62. Dynamite Kid vs. Bad News Allen
63. Dynamite Kid/Davey Boy Smith interview
64. Duke Myers interview