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Calgary Stampede Wrestling 1987

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

1.  International Tag Team Tournament
2.  Kerry Brown/Gallant vs. Weber/Morrow
3.  Burke Interview
4.  Honky Tonk Wayne/Ron Starr Interview
5.  Goldie Rogers/Cuban Assassin vs. Bruce Hart/Keith Hart
6.  Tom Magee/Rick Patterson vs. Mike Shaw/Butch Moffat
7.  Ron Starr/Honky Tonk Wayne vs. Mr. Hito/Burke
8.  Dan Kroffat vs. Mike Shaw
9.  Dan Kroffat Interview
10. Mike Shaw Interview
11. Tom Magee/Rick Patterson vs. Ron Starr/Honky Tonk Man
12. Gama Singh/Honky Tonk Interview
13. Kerry Brown/Gallant vs. Bruce Hart/Keith Hart
14. Kerry Brown/Gallant interview
15. Ron Starr/Honky Tonk Man vs. Kerry Brown/Gallant
16. Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr interview
17. Burke/Gallant interview
18. Gama Singh vs. Weber
19. Gama Singh Interview
20. Bruce Hart interview
21. Burke/Gallant vs. Rogers/Butch Moffat
22. Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr interview
23. Tom Magee vs. Cuban Assassin
24. Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr/Kerry Brown interview
25. Kerry Brown vs. Hito
26. Bret Hart/Jim Niedhart interview
27. Mike Shaw vs. Dan Kroffat
28. J.R. Foley/Dan Kroffat/Mike Shaw interview
29. Bret Hart/Jim Niedhart vs. Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr
30. Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr interview
31. Tom Magee/Dan Kroffat interview
32. Foley/Mike Shaw/Cuban Assassin interview
33. Bruce Hart vs. Gama Singh
34. Bruce Hart interview
35. Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr vs. Burke/Gallant
36. Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr interview
37. Rick Patterson vs. Hammer
38. Gama Singh/Foley interview
39. Mike Shaw vs. Hito
40. Kerry Brown/Foley/Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr interview
41. Burke/Gallant interview
42. Dan Kroffat vs. Terminator
43. Dan Kroffat interview
44. Foley/Mike Shaw interview
45. Burke/Gallant vs. Cuban Assassin/Butch Moffat
46. Desiree Peterson interview
47. Davey Boy Smith/Dynamite Kid interview
48. Jerry Morrow vs. Kerry Brown
49. Foley/Kerry Brown interview
50. Dynamite Kid/Davey Boy Smith vs. Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr
51. Dynamite Kid/Davey Boy Smith interview
52. Kerry Brown/Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr interview
53. Bad News Allen interview
54. Chris Benoit/Rick Patterson vs. Butch Moffat/Hammer
55. Chris Benoit interview
56. Cobra vs. Cuban Assassin
57. Bad News Allen/Bruce Hart interview
58. Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr interview
59. Dan Kroffat vs. Mike Shaw
60. Dan Kroffat/Buffalo Bill Cody interview
61. Desiree Peterson interview
62. Rhonda Singh interview
63. Bad News Allen vs. Kerry Brown
64. Bad News Allen interview
65. Foley/Kerry Brown interview
66. Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr vs. Burke/Gallant
67. Bad News Allen/Jerry Morrow interview
68. Honky Tonk Man/Ron Starr interview
69. Chris Benoit/Rick Patterson vs. Cuban Assassin/Terminator
70. Cobra vs. Butch Moffat
71. Gama Singh vs. Gallant
72. Gama Singh/Mike Shaw interview
73. Bruce Hart/Mike Shaw/Gama Singh interview
74. Rhonda Singh vs. Desiree Peterson
75. Desiree Peterson interview
76. Rhonda Singh interview
77. Dan Kroffat vs. Mike Shaw