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United States Championship Wrestling

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on
only complete matches listed

02/02/1997 USCW TELEVISION (728)
1.  Beverly Brothers vs. Pure Country
2.  Roadblock vs. Michael Firehouse

02/09/1997 USCW TELEVISION (728) 1. Blood vs. JT Lightning 2. Lord Zoltan vs. Buzz Beverly 3. Roadblock vs. Iron Warrior
02/16/1997 USCW TELEVISION (728) 1. Clubber Lang vs. Jason Knight 2. Viper vs. Blade 3. Jimmy Cicero vs. Hunter Hearst York
02/23/1997 USCW TELEVISION (728) 1. Lord Zoltan vs. Dynamite Dean 2. Headbangers vs. Lethal Weapons
10/17/1997 UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING: OVERBROOK, PA (953) 1. Skull vs. Malice 2. Lord Zoltan vs. Shawn Addams 3. Nick Crane/Silencers vs. Sgt. Brown/Phi Beta Kappa 4. Death and Destruction vs. Marty Dorance/Damien Kingsley 5. Blade vs. Guido Falcone
11/28/1997 USCW: STEUBENVILLE, OH (732) 1. Party Animal Ariolo vs. Blade 2. Silencers vs. Phi Beta Kappa 3. Dan Rage vs. Harvey Shaw 4. Buzz Beverley vs. Iron Warrior 5. Nikolai Volkoff vs. Dominic Denucci 6. Nick Crane vs. Sgt. Brown 7. Malice vs. Damien Kingsley 8. Christian York vs. Dymanite Dean 9. Jimmy Cicero vs. Julio Sanchez