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United States Wrestling Association Specials

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

1.  Brickhouse Brown vs. Terry Funk
2.  Tony Anthony vs. Steve Keirn
3.  King Cobra vs. John Tatum
4.  Austin Idol vs. Gary Young
5.  Dick Murdoch vs. Samurai
6.  Jerry Lawler vs. Mark Callous
7.  Dick Slater vs. Jeff Gaylord
8.  Jeff Jarrett vs. Eddie Gilbert
9.  Austin Idol vs. John Tatum
10. Terry Funk vs. Steve Keirn
11. Jerry Lawler vs. Dick Slater
12. Terry Funk vs. Dick Murdoch
13. Eddie Gilbert vs. Austin Idol
14. Terry Funk vs. Jerry Lawler
15. Austin Idol vs. Jerry Lawler

JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER SHOW (156) 1. Jerry Lawler vs. Kamala 2. Road Warriors vs. Jerry Lawler/Austin Idol 3. Rick Martel vs. Jerry Lawler 4. Jerry Lawler/Angel feud 5. Rick Rude vs. Jerry Lawler 6. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Jerry Lawler 7. Bill Dundee vs. Jerry Lawler
USWA: THE KING'S PERSONAL "ROYAL RUMBLES" (1973) 1. Jerry Lawler vs. Bam Bam Bigelow 2. Jerry Lawler vs. Dream Machine 3. Jerry Lawler vs. Mr. Perfect 4. Jerry Lawler vs. Bret Hart