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United States Wrestling Association Television 1992

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

01/04/1992 USWA TELEVISION (813)
1.  Bart Sawyer vs. Shadow
2.  Brian Christopher/Tony Williams vs. Doug Masters/Tony Falk
3.  Jeff Jarrett/Robert Fuller vs. Jeff Gaylord/Sandman
4.  Chris Frasier/Randy Hayes vs. Moondogs
5.  Koko B. Ware/Candyman vs. Scorpion/Shadow

01/11/1992 USWA TELEVISION (813) 1. Brian Christopher vs. Tony Williams 2. Moondogs vs. ??? 3. Eric Embry vs. TD Steel 4. Jeff Jarrett/Robert Fuller vs. Doug Masters/Tony Falk
01/18/1992 USWA TELEVISION (813) 1. Robert Fuller vs. JR Alzado 2. Moondogs vs. Randy Hayes/Ricky Hutchinson 3. Jerry Lawler/Jeff Jarrett vs. Leatherface/Domino
01/25/1992 USWA TELEVISION (813) 1. Jerry Lawler/Jeff Jarrett vs. Moondogs 2. Eric Embry vs. Bart Sawyer 3. Moondogs vs. Freezer Thompson/Randy Hayes 4. Jerry Lawler/Jeff Jarrett vs. Ninja/Modesto
02/01/1992 USWA TELEVISION (813) 1. Chris Frasier/Brian Collins vs. Moondogs 2. Jeff Jarrett vs. Shadow 3. Dirty White Boy vs. Scorpion 4. Jerry Lawler vs. Invader 5. Tom Prichard/Bart Sawyer vs. Tony Falk/Doug Masters