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Universal Wrestling Alliance

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

1.  Michelle Starr vs. Frog
2.  Dr. Bob Bryant vs. Scotty the Body
3.  Ivan Gorky/Mad Trapper vs. Olympian/Rocky Della Serra
4.  Timothy Flowers vs. Chris the Kid Nevada
5.  Ivan Gorky vs. Olympian
6.  Tom Justice vs. Timothy Flowers
7.  Scotty the Body/Olympian vs. Scott Braden/Mad Trapper
8.  Mad Trapper vs. Timothy Flowers
9.  Stacey Jackson vs. Iron Maiden
10. Mongolian vs. Frog
11. Rocky Della Serra vs. Dale Houston
12. Olympian/Robitron vs. Randy Taylor/Mad Trapper
13. John Tenta vs. C.C. Quinn
14. Rocky Della Serra/Pat Brady vs. Randy Taylor/Mad Trapper
15. Rocky Della Serra/Pat Brady vs. Michelle Starr/Ivan Gorky
16. Mongolian vs. C.C. Quinn
17. Timothy Flowers/Michelle Starr vs. Rocky Della Serra/Olympian
18. Pat Brady vs. C.C. Quinn
19. Michelle Starr vs. Frog
20. Oly Olson vs. Conniving Kelly
21. Mongolian vs. Conniving Kelly
22. Olympian/Pat Brady vs. Ivan Gorky/Timothy Flowers
23. Billy Two Eagles vs. Chris the Kid Nevada
24. Mongolian/Frog vs. Randy Taylor/C.C. Quinn
25. Mongolian vs. Rocky Della Serra
26. Olympian vs. Pat Brady
27. C.C. Quinn vs. Steve E. Ocean
28. Olympian/Robitron vs. Ivan Gorky/Mongolian
29. Steve E. Ocean vs. Timothy Flowers

1989 UWA ALL STAR WRESTLING (581) 1. Rocky Della Serra vs. Ivan Gorkey 2. Olympian/Scott Braden vs. Frog/Randy Tyler 3. Chris Nevada vs. Invader 4. Rainbow Warrior vs. Tiger Dory Singh 5. Mike Edwards vs. Kulka Vader