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United Wrestling Coalition 2000

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

01/15/2000 UWC: MT. HOLLY, NJ (786/885)
1.  Rick Silver vs. Tundra
2.  Toolbox vs. Mean Mark Manson
3.  Ryan Wing vs. CJ Summers
4.  Joe Rules vs. Section 8
5.  Rick Silver vs. Tundra
6.  Ripper/Bobby Piper vs. Delinquents
7.  Tommy Force vs. Gillberg
8.  Matt Storm vs. Billy Lasiter

**06/03/2000 1ST ANNUAL UWC SOFTBALL GAME (715)
**07/07/2000 UWC: COLUMBUS, NJ (765) 1. Tundra vs. Matt Storm 2. Section 8 vs. Wraith 3. Rick Silver vs. Frankie Force 4. Don Montoya vs. Toolbox 5. Joe Rules vs. Twiggy Ramirez 6. Orphan vs. Dr. Hurtz 7. Tommy Force/Ryan Wing vs. Ripper/Bobby Piper 8. CJ Summers vs. Billy Lasiter
**09/04/2000 UWC: JACKSON, NJ (891) 1. "Big Foundation" vs. Ryan Wing/Frankie Force 2. Toolbox vs. Matt Storm 3. Pinebarron vs. Warhead 4. Joe Rules vs. Orphan 5. Hasheem Ali vs. Tommy Force 6. Mean Mark Manson vs. Silvermane vs. Zieg vs. Dr. Hurtz 7. Tundra/CJ Summers vs. Unholy Alliance 8. Simon Diamond vs. Nova 9. Mark Melaccio vs. Billy Lasiter
**12/02/2000 UWC: PEMBERTON, NJ (1030) 1. battle royal 2. Toolbox vs. Frankie Force 3. Jim O'Malley/Section Eight vs. Warhead 4. Orphan vs. Joe Rules 5. Don Montoya vs. Mike Quackenbush 6. Tommy Force vs. Rick Silver 7. Unholy Alliance vs. CJ Summers/Tundra 8. Twiggy Ramirez vs. Billy Lasiter vs. Dr. Hurtz 9. Steve Corino vs. Reckless Youth