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United Wrestling Coalition 2001

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

**05/06/2001 UWC: PEMBERTON, NJ (1350)
1.  battle royal
2.  Ryan Wing vs. Toolbox
3.  Warhead vs. Section 8
4.  Reckless Youth vs. CJ Summers
5.  Joe Rules vs. Orphan
6.  Dr. Hurtz vs. Eric Justice
7.  Force Brothers vs. Unholy Alliance
8.  Billy Lasiter vs. Twiggy Ramirez

**12/01/2001 UWC: PEMBERTON, NJ (1747) 1. Joe Rules vs. Toolbox/Allison Danger 2. Tommy Force vs. Great Blazini 3. Mark Muniz vs. Mike Quackenbush 4. Dave Patera/Johnny Grecco vs. Soul Brothers 5. Billy Lasiter vs. Section Eight 6. TNT vs. Warhead 7. Reckless Youth/Don Montoya vs. Steve Corino/Colby Corino 8. Unholy Alliance vs. Orphan/Twiggy Ramirez