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United Wrestling Coalition 1998

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

03/21/1998 UWC: BROWNS MILLS, NJ (873)
1.  Battle Royal
2.  Dom DeVito vs. Jersey Hurricane
3.  Slayer vs. Tommy Force
4.  UWC Champion makes 1st title defense
5.  Prof. T. Eacher vs. Wacky Wayne Woo
6.  Freak vs. Lord Zieg
7.  Cell Block Four vs. Section Eight/Lt. Warhead
8.  Officer Pain vs. Absolute Latino

04/25/1998 UWC: BROWNS MILLS, NJ (874) 1. Orphan vs. Mason Storm 2. Freak/Savage Payne vs. Tommy Force/Slayer 3. Section Eight vs. Prof. T. Eacher 4. Lt. Warhead vs. Lord Zieg 5. Jersey Hurricane vs. Dom DeVito 6. Cell Block Four vs. Absolute Latino/El Grande Poomba 7. Wacky Wayne Woo vs. Mr. Motion vs. Rev. John Dahmer 8. Derik Starr vs. Wraith
05/16/1998 UWC: BROWNS MILLS, NJ (875) 1. Tommy Force vs. Prof. T. Eacher 2. Wacky Wayne Woo vs. Slayer 3. Cell Block Four vs. Rejects From Hell 4. Lord Zieg vs. Section Eight 5. Biggie Biggs vs. Magic 6. Lt. Warhead vs. Absolute Latino 7. Storm Riders vs. Dom DeVito/Jersey Hurricane 8. Derik Starr vs. Mason Storm
06/13/1998 UWC: PEMBERTON, NJ (876) 1. Orphan vs. Glenn Strange 2. Section Eight/Mason Storm vs. Dom DeVito/Savage Payne 3. Tommy Force vs. Slayer 4. Officer Pain vs. Absolute Latino 5. Derik Starr vs. Lt. Warhead
08/15/1998 UWC: YARDVILLE, NJ (877) 1. battle royal 2. Cannon vs. Billy Rivell 3. Storm Riders vs. Dangerous Force 4. Savage Payne vs. Prof. T. Eacher 5. Reckless Bullies vs. Section Eight/Mason Storm 6. Slayer vs. Orphan 7. Derik Star/Lord Zieg vs. Lt. Warhead/Magic
11/28/1998 UWC: NEW LISBON, NJ (878) 1. Cannon vs. Matt Storm 2. Dangerous Force vs. Delinquents 3. Biggie Biggs vs. Menace 4. Section Eight vs. Mason Storm 5. Sons of South Amboy vs. Prof. T. Eacher/Eric Creed 6. Magic vs. Lord Zieg 7. Battle Royal