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TC Tapes Wrestler Compilations

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

(made by Chris Hamrick himself)
1.  Chris Hamrick/Backseat Boyz vs. SAT
2.  Chris Hamrick vs. Nicholas Richards
3.  Chris Hamrick vs. Evil Nick
4.  Chris Hamrick vs. J-Rocc
5.  Chris Hamrick vs. New Jack
6.  Chris Hamrick vs. Rapid Fire Maldonado
7.  Chris Hamrick vs. Devito
8.  Chris Hamrick vs. Trent Acid vs. Red
9.  Chris Hamrick vs. M-Dogg 20
10. Chris Hamrick vs. Jeff Rocker
11. Chris Hamrick/Lodi/Otto Schwanz vs. Adam Booker/Dr. Heresy/Cru Jones
12. Chris Hamrick vs. Dylan Kage
13. Chris Hamrick vs. New Jack
14. Chris Hamrick/Christian York/Joey Matthews vs. Julio Dinero/Matt Vandal/Michael Preston
15. Chris Hamrick vs. Nova
16. Chris Hamrick vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Mr. Insanity
17. Chris Hamrick/Julio Dinero vs. Christopher Daniels/J-Rocc

**BEST OF CHRIS HAMRICK: VOLUME 2 (2335) Buy It (made by Chris Hamrick himself) 1. Chris Hamrick vs. Red 2. Chris Hamrich vs. Kaos 3. Chris Hamrick/Adam Flash vs. Messiah/John Kronus 4. Chris Hamrick vs. Slyk Wagner Brown 5. Chris Hamrick vs. J-Rocc 6. Chris Hamrick/Chi Chi Cruz vs. Dylan Kage/Fred Curry Jr. 7. Chris Hamrick/Julio Dinero vs. M-Dogg 20/Josh Prohibition 8. Chris Hamrick vs. J-Rocc
**BEST OF CHRIS HAMRICK: VOLUME 3 (2336) Buy It (made by Chris Hamrick himself) 1. Chris Hamrick vs. Chi Chi Cruz 2. Chris Hamrick vs. Nova 3. Chris Hamrick vs. Matt Vandal 4. Chris Hamrick/Dylan Night vs. Guillotine LeGrande/Jack Victory vs. Steve Corino/CW Anderson 5. Chris Hamrick vs. CW Anderson 6. Chris Hamrick vs. Mike Quackenbush 7. Chris Hamrick/Jerry Lynn vs. Chi Chi Cruz/Dr. Heresy 8. Chris Hamrick vs. Ricky Morton 9. Chris Hamrick vs. Psicosis 10. Chris Hamrick vs. Kaos
**BEST OF CHRIS HAMRICK IN ECW (2337) Buy It (made by Chris Hamrick himself) 1. Chris Hamrick vs. Kid Kash 2. Chris Hamrick/EZ Money vs. Nova/Chris Chetti 3. Chris Hamrick vs. Jerry Lynn 4. Chris Hamrick/EZ Money/Julio Dinero vs. Joey Matthews/Christian York/Tommy Dreamer 5. EZ Money/Julio Dinero vs. Joey Matthews/Christian York 6. EZ Money/Julio Dinero vs. Roadkill/Danny Doring 7. Chris Hamrick vs. Nova
**BEST OF DOUG WILLIAMS (2260) Buy It 1. Doug Williams vs. Witch Doctor 2. Doug Williams vs. Andre Baker 3. Doug Williams vs. Christopher Daniels 4. gauntlet match 5. Doug Williams vs. Scottie Rock 6. Doug Williams vs. Nova 7. Doug Williams vs. Maverick Wild 8. Doug Williams vs. Scottie Parker 9. Doug Williams vs. Jonny Storm 10. Doug Williams vs. Adam Pearce 11. Doug Williams vs. American Dragon
**DELICIOUS DAVE VICIOUS MEMORIAL VIDEO (2492) Buy From CCNow 1. 05/14/1999 Dave Vicious vs. Black Ninja 2. 05/14/1999 Dave Vicious vs. ??? 3. 05/14/1999 Dave Vicious vs. Jack Crotch 4. 07/18/1999 Dave Vicious vs. Joel Davis/Phantom 5. 07/18/1999 Dave Vicious vs. Mercenary 6. 09/26/1999 Dave Vicious vs. Joshua Shea 7. 10/09/1999 Dave Vicious vs. Highlight Kid 8. 10/09/1999 Dave Vicious/Bob Evans/Scott Sharky vs. Alex Arion/Steve Ramsey/Sonny Goodspeed 9. 12/03/1999 Dave Vicious vs. Donnie Rotten 10. 01/14/2000 Dave Vicious vs. Alexander Worthington III 11. 02/19/2000 Dave Vicious vs. Alexander Worthington III 12. 03/25/2000 Dave Vicious vs. Don Juan DeSanto 13. 04/13/2000 Dave Vicious vs. Kidd USA 14. 05/07/2000 Dave Vicious vs. Jay Jaillet 15. 05/07/2000 Dave Vicious vs. Kevin Kelly 16. 05/07/2000 Dave Vicious vs. Mercenary 17. 08/12/2000 Dave Vicious vs. JR Ironhorse Slater 18. 10/21/2000 Dave Vicious vs. Don Juan DeSanto/Dr. Heresy