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Wild Organization of Wrestling

** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on

12/10/1995 WOW: MARTINSBURG, WV (670)
1.  Chad Austin vs. Private Pain
2.  Tommy Hawk vs. Ken Doll
3.  Morgus the Maniac vs. Black Scorpion
4.  Battle Royal
5.  Doink vs. Brian Anthony
6.  Johnny Gunn vs. Corporal Punishment

03/03/1996 WOW: MARTINSBURG, WV (670) 1. Brian Anthony vs. Jimmy G. 2. Fantasia vs. Dangerous Dee Dee 3. Morgus the Maniac/Bobby Starr/Big Dog Mack/Sheik Ali vs. Widowmaker/Private Pain/Satanic Warriors 4. Johnny Gunn vs. Cpl. Punishment 5. Doink the Clown vs. Jimmy Jannetty 6. Battle Royal 7. Tommy Hawk vs. Mr. Hyeto