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WWF Handhelds 1984
** means the tape is my own master copy
() is the tape the show can be found on
11/23/1984 WWF HANDHELD: HARTFORD, CT (934)
1.  Greg Valentine vs. S.D. Jones
2.  Greg Valentine vs. Angelo Rocca
3.  Tony Atlas vs. Greg Valentine
4.  Tony Atlas vs. Bob Orton Jr.
5.  Tony Atlas vs. David Schultz
6.  David Schultz vs. Tito Santana
7.  Tito Santana vs. Moondog Rex
8.  Tito Santana vs. Bobby Heenan
9.  Tito Santana vs. Moondog Spot
10. Tito Santana vs. Ken Patera
11. Ken Patera vs. David Sammartino
12. Ken Patera vs. ???
13. Ken Patera vs. ???
14. Ken Patera vs. Mr. Fuji
15. Ken Patera vs. Jimmy Snuka
16. Ken Patera vs. Jay Strongbow
17. Jay Strongbow vs. Big John Studd
18. Big John Studd vs. Salvatore Bellomo
19. Big John Studd vs. Rocky Johnson