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Full Name: Tanya Christina Cornell
Date of Dirth: December 29, 1977, making me currently 25 years old
City/State: West Haven, CT
Marital Status: currently single
Children: I have two.. a 2 year old and a 1 year old. Both are girls.
Education: I graduated college w/a degree in Photography. I am looking to go to graduate school.


[[ Flower ]] - white roses are awesome, but flowers in general are pretty. 
[[ Soda ]] - no soda for me... only water, juice & tea!
[[ Food ]] - chicken, baby.. any kind! 
[[ Book ]] - I dunno.
[[ Author ]] - I dunno. 
[[ Band ]] - all-time? KISS. I also like pretty much every type of music. Such groups... Chicago, 50 Cent, Eminem, Nelly, Linkin Park, Garth Brooks, etc, etc
[[ CD ]] - many, many ones!
[[ Song ]] - "Sara Smile" by Hall & Oates is one of my all-time favs!
[[ Movie ]] - Wizard of Oz, E.T. 
[[ Director ]] - Spielberg, man... he made ET!
[[ Extracurricular Activity ]] - I don't know that I have one, though playing sports used to be one.
[[ Color your hair? ]] - blonde
[[ Have [[ Piercings? ]] - Just my ears, though there's another one I want.

Have you... 
[[ Stolen anything? ]] - every child has at one point.
[[ Smoke? ]] - yes indeed
[[ Cheated on someone? ]] - nope 
[[ Been married? ]] - nope 
[[ Been divorced? ]] nope
[[ Are you psycho? ]] I don't think so.
[[ Split personalities? ]] - I don't think so.
[[ Schizophrenic? ]] - I don't think so.
[[ Obsessive? ]] - yeah, about tapes... and editing.
[[ Compulsive? ]] - I don't think so. 
[[ Obsessive Compulsive? ]] - I don't think so. 
[[ Panic? ]] - I don't think so. 
[[ Anxiety? ]] - I get anxious when I think I am going to be late for things. 
[[ Depressed? ]] - at one time or another 
[[ Suicidal? ]] - nope

*Kissed someone: OH HELL YEAH!!! I should calm down!
*Been in love: yes
*Cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend: no 
*Kept a secret from everyone: yes, though I'd like to tell it at times 
*Set a body part on fire: no 
*Had an imaginary friend: no, though I do talk to myself.
*Ever cried at a chick flick: yes... I AM A FEMALE!
*Found a cartoon character attractive: no
*Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape: yes
*Watched Punky Brewster: yes... she was THE SHIT!
*Prank called someone: yes
*Eaten a whole box of cookies and thought you were fat after: no but I have thought I was fat! :P
*Been on stage: yes
*Gotten in a car accident: yes 
*Dreamed of falling in love: yes

DO YOU... 
*Wear eye shadow: nope
*Wear eye liner or mascara: nope
*Have a dog: I used to.
*Want a tattoo, and where: I don't have one but I do want one... not sure what and where which is why I still don't have one.
*Have any regrets: yes
*Crush: Do I crush??? Hmmmm.... :) 
*Do you have a best friend: yes
*Who do you go to for advice: they know who 
*Who knows all your secrets?: me 
*Who do you cry with: myself

*Yourself: Yes. 
*Your friends: Yes. 
*Aliens: nope
*Love: yes
*The Closet Monster: no
*One person for everyone?: ummm, I don't think so.

What is your....
[[Greatest fear]] not being as happy as I want to be
[[Best dream]] I dunno, really
[[Lifelong passion]] love
[[Favorite guy in politics]] not too sure
[[Favorite singer]] I've got a lot.

Do you ever dream about...
[Your engagement] no... those things should just happen the way they do... dreaming of them sets up for sadness.
[Your wedding] no 
[Falling in Love] yes :)
[Dying] yes 
[College] been there, graduated 
[Meeting someone who you've never met before] nope
[Getting drunk] who... ME? :)
[living in a foreign country] nope