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Trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Obviously, the sign to the entrance of Niagara Falls.
The Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls. Damn expensive, but a kick-ass place nonetheless.

The flags of Canada, oh how I love them!
The Falls, of course. This was the first night we were there. They light the Falls. Nice scene.

You'd get it if you just THINK!
Hey, that's Tanya at the Falls! As for the yellow fleece... it was cold at 9 AM! Give me a break.

My brother and I were dragged to Fort George, the re-enactment of the War of 1812. After about 5 minutes, I wished they were shooting me instead of nothing!
The Falls from the Skylon Tower, 755 ft. above the Falls.A kick-ass viewbut it was FREEZING up there.

A few of the restaurants on the street we were staying. Basically, I just wanted the maple leaf from all the signs!
The hotel where we stayed, and the road where it was.

A few more food places, including the OLD SCHOOL KFC!!!
A Walk-in Wendy's... HMMMMM!!!

The beer I drank while in Canada! Doesn't everyone in Canada drink?