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3RW 3 Rivers Wrestling
AAPW All American Pro Wrestling
AAW All American Wrestling
ABC All Boro Championship Wrestling
ACCW Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling
ACW (Connecticut) Alternative Championship Wrestling
ACW (Connecticut) Assault Championship Wrestling
ACW (Maine) American Championship Wrestling
ACW (Michigan) Alternative Championship Wrestling
ACW (South Carolina) Atlantic Coast Wrestling
ACWA American Championship Wrestling Alliance
AIWF American Independent Wrestling Federation
AMW Appalachain Mountain Wrestling
APW (California) All Pro Wrestling
APW (Connecticut) Acid Pro Wrestling
APW (South Carolina) American Pro Wrestling
APWF Allied Powers Wrestling Federation
ASW (North Carolina) All Star Wrestling
ASW (Maine) All Star Wrestling
ASCW All Star Championship Wrestling
ASWA All Star Wrestling Association
ASWA (New Jersey) All Star Wrestling Alliance
ATCW Atlantic Terror Championship Wrestling
AWA (Minnesota) American Wrestling Association
AWA (Wisconsin) American Wrestling Association
AWC American Wrestling Council
AWF (Massachusetts) Atlantic Wrestling Federation
AWF (Minnesota) American Wrestling Federation
Azteca Promo Azteca
Bayou Bayou Promotions
BBOW Beautiful Babes of Wrestling
BCW Border City Wrestling
Best Of Best of Tapes/Compilations
Best Of 1 Best of Tapes/Compilations continued
BEW Big East Wrestling
Big Buc Big Buc Promotions
BTW Big Time Wrestling
BRAWL Bloody Rage American Wrestling League
BTB Break the Barrier
Calgary Calgary Wrestling
CAPW Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling
CCW (Alabama) Continental Championship Wrestling
CCW (California) California Creative Wrestling
CCW (Connecticut) Connecticut Championship Wrestling
CCW (Florida) Coastal Championship Wrestling
CCW (Rhode Island) Coastline Championship Wrestling
CCW (South Carolina) Carolina Championship Wrestling
Central States Central States Wrestling
Chaotic Chaotic Wrestling
Chikara Chikara Pro Wrestling
CIW California Independent Wrestling
CMW Crimson Mask Wrestling
CPW Championship Pro Wrestling
CRE Charles Rapp Entertainment
CSWF Cyber Space Wrestling Federation
CWA Century Wrestling Alliance
CWF (Alabama) Continental Wrestling Federation
CWF/CWA (Canada) Canadian Wrestling Federation/Canadian Wrestling Association
CWF (Florida) Championship Wrestling Federation
CWF (New Jersey) Champion Wrestling Federation
CWF (Pennsylvania) CWF Wrestling
CZW Combat Zone Wrestling
DCW Delaware Championship Wrestling
DSW Deep South Wrestling
ECCW (Canada) Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling
ECCW (North Carolina) Extreme Coastal Championship Wrestling
ECPW East Coast Professional Wrestling
ECWA (DE) East Coast Wrestling Association
ECWA (PA) East Coast Wrestling Alliance
ECWF East Coast Wrestling Federation
EPIC Epic Pro Wrestling
ESW Extremely Strange Wrestling
EWA Eastern Wrestling Alliance
EWA 1 Elite Wrestling Alliance
EWA (Carolinas) Exodus Wrestling Alliance
EWF Eastern Wrestling Federation
FCW Florida Championship Wrestling
FLWA French Lake Wrestling Alliance
FNW Far North Wrestling
FOW Future of Wrestling
FPWF Fantasy Pro Wrestling Federation
FWA (Florida) Florida Wrestling Association
FWA (Pennsylvania) Future Wrestling Alliance
FWA (United Kingdom) Frontier Wrestling Alliance
GCW (Rhode Island) Global Championship Wrestling
GCW (Missouri) Gateway Championship Wrestling
GLCW Great Lakes Championship Wrestling
GLOOW Gorgeous Ladies of Outrageous Wrestling
GMW Green Mountain Wrestling
GWF Global Wrestling Federation
GWF (Georgia) Georgia Wrestling Federation
GWF (New Jersey) Great Wrestling Federation
Hardway Hardway Wrestling
HOPWF House of Pain Wrestling Federation
HOW Heroes of Wrestling
HWA Heartland Wrestling Association
HWA (Delaware) Hellfire Wrestling Alliance
HWF (Canada) Hardcore Wrestling Federation
HWF (Massachusetts) Hardcore Wrestling Federation
ICW International Championship Wrestling
ICW 1 Insane Championship Wrestling
ICW (Canada) International Championship Wrestling
ICW (New York) Impact Championship Wrestling
ICW (Pennsylvania) Intense Championship Wrestling
ICCW Independent Connecticut Championship Wrestling
IGW iGeneration Wrestling
IPW International Pro Wrestling
IPW (Florida) Independent Professional Wrestling
IPWA Independent Pro Wrestling Association
ISPW Independent Superstars of Professional Wrestling
IWA Miscellaneous IWA tapes
IWA (Canada) International Wrestling Alliance
IWA (Connecticut) Independent Wrestling Alliance
IWA Mid-South IWA Mid-South Wrestling
IWA (Massachusetts) Independent Wrestling Alliance
IWA (New York) Independent Wrestling Alliance
IWA (North Carolina) IWA Championship Wrestling
IWA (Pennsylvania) IWA Championship Wrestling
IWA Puerto Rico International Wrestling Association: Puerto Rico
IWC International Wrestling Cartel
IWF International Wrestling Force
IWO IWO Wrestling
IWCCW International World Class Championship Wrestling
IXWF Island Xtreme Wrestling Federation
Japan Japanese Wrestling
JAPW Jersey All-Pro Wrestling
JCW (New Jersey) Jersey Championship Wrestling
JCW (Michigan) Juggalo Championshit Wrestling
JWA WA JWA Wrestling Alliance
Kiryoku Kiryoku Pro Wrestling
KYDA KYDA Pro Wrestling
LIWF Long Island Wrestling Federation
LPWA Ladies Pro Wrestling Association
LWE Legacy Wrestling Enterprizes
LWF Lunatic Wrestling Federation
Maryland Maryland Wrestling
MAW Mid American Wrestling
MAWA Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Association
Memphis Memphis Wrestling
MECW 1 Main Event Championship Wrestling
MECW (Tennessee) Main Event Championship Wrestling
MECW (Virginia) Mid-Eastern Championship Wrestling
MEW Main Event Wrestling
MEW/NEW Main Event Wrestling
Mexico Mexican Wrestling
MACW Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Mixed Mixed Federation Tapes
MLW Major League Wrestling
MOW Monsters of Wrestling
MPW Midwest Pro Wrestling
MPW (California) Millennium Pro Wrestling
MVWA MVWA Wrestling
MWA Millennium Wrestling Association
MWCW Mid West Championship Wrestling
NACW North American Championship Wrestling
NAWA (New York) North American Wrestling Alliance
NAWA (North Carolina) NAWA Wrestling
NAWF (Connecticut) New Age Wrestling Federation
NAWF (Wisconsin) North American Wrestling Federation
NBPW New Breed Pro Wrestling
NBW No Barriers Wrestling
NCCW North County Cable Wrestling
NCW National Championship Wrestling
NCW (Massachusetts) Northeastern Championship Wrestling
NCW (Quebec) Northern Championship Wrestling
NDW New Dimension Wrestling
NECW New England Championship Wrestling
NEI New England Independent
NEPW New England Professional Wrestling
NEPW (OH) New Era Pro Wrestling
NEW Northeast Wrestling
NEWA New England Wrestling Alliance
NEWF New England Wrestling Federation
NFCW North Florida Championship Wrestling
NGW (Canada) Next Generation Wrestling
NGW (North Carolina) New Generation Wrestling
NIWA National Independent Wrestling Association
NJCW New Jack City Wrestling
NMW New Millennium Wrestling
NSWA/ECI Northern States Wrestling Alliance/East Coast Invasion
NWA National Wrestling Alliance
NWC National Wrestling Conference
NWCW Nationwide Championship Wrestling
NWF (Pennsylvania) Nittany Wrestling Federation
NWF (Wisconsin) National Wrestling Federation
OCW Outlaw Championship Wrestling
OTR Off the Record
OMEGA Organized Modern Extreme Grappling Arts
OVW Ohio Valley Wrestling
PAW Penn Atlantic Wrestling
PCCW Paper City Championship Wrestling
PCW (Illinois) Pro Championship Wrestling
PCW (New Jersey) Phoenix Championship Wrestling
PCW (Pennsylvania) Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling
PHW Power House Wrestling
PLW Power League Wrestling
POW Pro Outlaw Wrestling
PPPW Pro Pain Pro Wrestling
PPW Portland Pro Wrestling
PC Primal Conflict
PA Public Access
PTW Prime Time Wrestling
PWA Pro Wrestling Alliance
PWF (Pennsylvania) Pennsylvania Wrestling Federation
PWF Premier Wrestling Federation
PWF (Washington) Pacific Wrestling Federation
PWI Pro Wrestling Illustrated
PWI (Illinois) Pro Wrestling International
PWL Pittsburgh Wrestling League
PWUSA Pro Wrestling USA
PWX Pro Wrestling X-Press
QWA QWA Wrestling
RCW Ron's Championship Wrestling
RCWF Ringside Championship Wrestling Federation
ROH Ring of Honor
RPW Revolution Pro Wrestling
SCCW South Coast Championship Wrestling
SCW (Pennsylvania) Steel City Wrestling
SCW (Pennsylvania) Soul City Wrestling
SCW (North Carolina) Southern Championship Wrestling
SCW (South Carolina) Southern Championship Wrestling
SDW Steel Domain Wrestling
SEWA South East Wrestling Alliance
Shoots Shoot Interviews
SMW Smoky Mountain Wrestling
Southwest Southwest Championship Wrestling
SPCW St. Paul Championship Wrestling
Specials Wrestling Specials and Appearances
SPW Star Pro Wrestling (Star Promotions)
SSW Southern States Wrestling
St. Louis St. Louis Wrestling
SWA Southern Wrestling Alliance
TASW Texas All-Star Wrestling
TCW Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling
Tributes Tribute Shows
TSW Tri-Star Wrestling
TWA (Texas) Texas Wrestling Alliance
TWA (Pennsylvania) Tri-States Wrestling Alliance
TWC TransAtlantic Wrestling Challenge
TWZ The Wrestling Zone
UCW (Massachusetts) Ultimate Championship Wrestling
UCW (New York) Ultimate Championship Wrestling
UCW (Rhode Island) Unified Championship Wrestling
UCW (South Carolina) United Championship Wrestling
UCW (Virginia) Ultimate Championship Wrestling
UEW UEW Wrestling
UIW Universal Independent Wrestling
UIWA Unified Independent Wrestling Association
UPW Ultimate Pro Wrestling Television
UPW (California) Ultimate Pro Wrestling
USAP USA Pro Wrestling
USCW United States Championship Wrestling
USWA (Texas) United States Wrestling Association
UWA (Canada) Universal Wrestling Alliance
UWA (Connecticut) Universal Wrestling Alliance
UWA (North Carolina) Universal Wrestling Alliance
UWC United Wrestling Coalition
UWF Universal Wrestling Federation
UWF (Massachusetts) United Wrestling Federation
UWF (New Jersey) UNITed Wrestling Federation
UWF (South Carolina) United Wrestling Federation
VCW Valley Championship Wrestling
WAW (United Kingdom) World Association of Wrestling
WCCW World Class Championship Wrestling
WCPW Windy City Pro Wrestling
WFA Wrestle Force America
WFWA WFWA Wrestling
WLW World Legion Wrestling
WOW (California) Women of Wrestling
WOW (New Jersey) Warriors of Wrestling
WOW (West Virginia) Wild Organization of Wrestling
WPW (California) World Power Wrestling
WPW (Michigan) Wolverine Pro Wrestling
WSW Wrestling Star Wars
WVWA West Virginia Wrestling Alliance
WWA World Wrestling Alliance
WWAS World Wrestling All-Stars
WWN World Wrestling Network
WWU World Wrestling Union
WWWA World Wide Wrestling Alliance
WXO WXO Wrestling
WXUK Wrestlexpress
WXW World X-Treme Wrestling
WZW WarZone Wrestling
XPW Xtreme Pro Wrestling
YPW Yankee Pro Wrestling